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Lovely Japanese Porcelain Bowl by Miura Chikusen 1st
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Lovely Japanese Porcelain Bowl by Miura Chikusen 1st

The size of Yellow Porcelain Bowl: 7" Dia x 3 3/8" High.
This is lovely Japanese Porcelain Bowl with Yellow Glaze.
The bowl with Chinese Qing Dynasty style.
It is made by 1st Miura Chikusen (1854-1915)
It came with Kiriwood Tomobako and Tomonuno (matched cloth).
Japanese writing on the top of Tomobako as "Kii Ji" (Yellow Porcelain)
"Hai" (Bowl). Inside Cover with "Shigetsuan" (Shigetsuan),
"Chikusen Sei"(Chikusen made) w/Chikusen Seals.
Tomonuno with seal of Chikusen. The marking on the bottom of Bowl.
"Heian Chikusen Sei" (Heian Chikusen made).
The condition of Bowl, Excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline.

1st Miura Chikusen (1854, Kaei 7th-1915, Taisho 4th)
He was born as the second son of Watanabe Ihei who was Tatami maker in Kyoto. His name was Masakichi, also called him, Komajiro or Masa. His work name was Chikusen. His go name used "Yuseikyo" and later used "Shigetsuan". He went into as the student of 3rd Takahashi Dohachi. In 1883(Meiji 16th), he became independent at Gojo-zaka. At his early established time, with another student of Dohachi, Jimura Shou, created the name "Shou Chikusen", but he desolved the relationship in few years. After that he used"Yuseikyo", then from 1899(Meiji 32), he used go name "Shigetsuan". He was very talented in early years, He used western colors on Japanese porcelain and he developed Yuyaku-Tomeimon(transparent glazing). In 1904(Meiji 37), he developed and created, mixing Jade, semiprecious stone as well as coral for coloring on Sometsuke porcelain. In 1907(Meiji 40), he has presented first time, the technique making yellow raised finish by mixing yellow glazing material on soft yellow background. He has received great reception at Chicago and Paris Exposition. His works are also great in the Ming and Qing style too. He loved Sencha and made many friends with literati. He has also published the book title called, "Wakan Taisho Tosetsu"(Japanese Chinese Comparison Ceramic Study).
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