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Very Rare Japanese Meiji Master Art Works Collections Book
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Very Rare Japanese Meiji Master Art Works Collections Book

The size of Collection Book: 10 1/2" W x 14 3/4" H x 1/2" Thick. Book weighs 2 Lbs,
This is really Rare Japanese Meiji Master Art Works collection book.
Contents written in Japanese.
The Collection Book came with slip case. Book has Japanese Woodblock
Print with water wave design in soft blue and black design done in Japanese
Washi paper outside as well as inside and back side cover. It is signed by Usho.
The title, “Meiji Bijutsu Meisaku Shu” was pasted over Woodblock print cover.
The book was published by Asashi Newspaper in 1943, Showa 18 th.
Book published in 10 thousand copies.
The condition of Book very good. Lower bottom area little creased,
but no damage on main printed area. Book slip case has some worn
from the age. The book is 81 years old. The following is list of contents.
The editor of Book for Japanese Painting and Art and Krafts by Wakimoto
Rakunoken. The editor of Carving by Kojima Kikuo.
The total 108 pages printed on black and white paper, 22 pages of
Art critics pages were printed on Warabanshi(straw paper).
Four Category, Omono (Imperial Property), 4 pcs, 12-14 pages.
Imperial Property items, 12- 14 pages, 4 items,
Japanese Paintings, 15-63 pages, 79 items,
Oil Painting, 65-98 pages, 69 items,
Carvings, 99-104 pages, 14 items
Kogei (Krafts) 105-108 pages, 12 items
All items are black and white photos except 2 colors photos.
Index pages are 110-120 pages,
Art Critics pages, 1-22 pages.
There are too many master art works from Meiji most flourishing time of art
in Modern time with so many talented artist and artisans.
I have listed only few master works from each category.
I found this Meiji master treasure book about 25 years ago in Japan.
Many art works may not available to see in todays art books.
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