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Very Fine Japanese Porcelain Iro Nabeshima Bowl by Imaemon 13th
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Very Fine Japanese Porcelain Iro Nabeshima Bowl by Imaemon 13th

8 1/4” Dia x 3 9/16” High (21 cm x 9 cm)
This is beautiful Japanese Iro (color) Nabeshima Porcelain Bowl.
It is made by Imaizumi Imaemon 13th Studio Work.
The shape bowl is Kashiki which used for Confectionary Bowl.
The bowl has 5 different Flowers design intricately painted.
The foot of bowl has comb design of Nabeshima Bowl.
It came with Kiri wood Tomobako. The top of Tomobako has
Japanese writing : Nishiki Marumon, Hana Moyo Kashiki”
(brocade, Marumon, Flowers designs). Inside left corner has
Imaemon signature with Chop seal of Imaemon.
The condition of bowl excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline.
Please note there is one tiny 1 mm black spot on the top rim
as last photo showing.
Dating the bowl from 1960-70's

Imaizumi Imaemon 13th (1926-2001)
The eldest son of Imaemon XII, Imaemon XIII studied at Arita Technical School and Tokyo Schhol of Fine Arts before returning to his hometown to study pottery under his father. In 1975, his father passed away and he became the 13th Imaemon. (During this time, he participated in exhibitions such as the Japan Traditional Kogei Exhibition and the Issui Society Exhibition, was conferred the Issui Society Chairman’s Award and the Japan Kogei Association Chairman’s Award, as well as was nominated for member and regular member of both exhibitions.) After his succession, Imaemon XIII arranged solo exhibitions in various locations to commemorate the occasion, and in 1976 he established the Ironabeshima Technique Preservation Society (Important Intangible Cultural Heritage) together with highly skilled potters in his studio.

History of Imaizumi Imaemon
Imaemon is masterpiecesof porcelain production since 1644, National important intangible property. Iro-Nabeshima (porcelain with multi-coloured overglazed enamel) by Imaemon is created based on techniques dating back to the Edo period (mid-17th century). These techniques have been preserved for about 370 years. Characterized by a distinctive gracefulness, the Imaemon colored porcelain is greatly appreciated till this day. The superb techniques preserved at Imaemon Kiln have been designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan. Lord Nabeshima, feudal lord of Saga domain had a clan kiln and produced Nabeshima ware for tribute to the Tokugawa shogunate or for the usage within the Saga castle during the Edo period (1603-1868). It is highly appraised worldwide as a type of porcelain with multi-coloured overglazed paint that represents elaborate techniques, innovative design and elegance. These porcelains are currently known as Iro-Nabeshima, decorated overglaze in red, yellow and green on underglaze blue. Lord Nabeshima designated the Imaemon family who had the most sophisticated techniques for the polychromatic overglazing process in Akae-machi, as the sole Akae-ya (polychrome overglaze specialist) for producing porcelains for the feudal lord by hereditary. The blending components and techniques were protected and were only inherited to one of his children.
Since the Meiji era, Imaemon family has engaged not only in applying the overglaze enamels but also in the whole production process from working with clay in 1871. Three generations of Imaemon ?X, XI and XII? managed to revive Iro-Nabeshima and brought it back its former glory. Subsequently Imaemon kiln was designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property in 1971. Imaemon kiln complies with and maintains the whole process as it was carried out manually during the Edo period.
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