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Beautiful Japanese Ko Imari Dish w/Hime Design Mid 18th C
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Beautiful Japanese Ko Imari Dish w/Hime Design Mid 18th C

The size of Ko Imari Dish: 7 1/4" Long x 4 1/4" W x 1 3/16" H
185 mm x 110 mm x 30 mm.
This is very attractive Ko Imari Dish from Mid 18th century, Kanen to early Horeki period. 1750’s.
The plate has the design of Japanese Princess (Hime). She is dressed with 12 Hitoes Kimono.
A junihitoe is a twelve-layered kimono worn by noblewomen during the Heian Era.
The workmanship of polychrome design are elaborately decorated with
green, gold and black. She wear the design with Sakura, Cherry
blossoms. Also Kimono design with Aoi, Hollyhock leaves. Aoi mon design
is used in Tokugawa family mon. Some area of design are raised form such
as for Hime's face and black hairline area. Outside of blue band area with finely
and detail geometric design are painted. The back side with Sometuke, blue and
white design of Kiku, chrysanthemum and leaves are painted.
The condition of plate is excellent. Please note some of green
on gold area has been worn. No flaw on the dish.
No chip, no crack and no hair line.
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