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Very Fine Japanese Porcelain Vase by Nakamura Toko IV, Ho-o Bird.
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Very Fine Japanese Porcelain Vase by Nakamura Toko IV, Ho-o Bird.

The size of Vase : 14" High x 8 7/8" Dia, 4 5/16" Top Dia
35.5 cm x 22.5 cm, 11 cm top dia.
This very fine Japanese Porcelain Vase done with
Yomon (relief works, raised works) with pale yellow green glaze,
in design of Ho-O bird intricately done in Yomon(relief) works.
It is made same era of Seifu Yohei 4th. The vase
is very similar to Seifu. The vase is made from Taisho to Showa.
It came with Kiriwood Tomobako as well as wooden stand.
Inside cover has Japanese writing, "Ki Ji Yomon, Kabin"
(Yellow Porcelain Relief Design, Flower Vase) with Kayoan seal
Lower left has Heian (Kyoto), Toko Sei (made) with his chop seal.
Dating vase from around 1930-1940 because Kayoken marking which after 1915.
The condition excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline as well as none sctratch.

1st Toko, Aoya Genbei, in 1798 he researched Yakimono by order of
Kaga Maeda Clan.

2nd Toko, Aoya Genemon, in 1822 he studied uder Honda Sadakichi.
He has contributed for redevelopment of Kutani Yaki by order of Maeda clan.

3rd Toko, Aoki Eigoro, 1845-1906.Aoya Genuemon. Real name, Aoki Eigoro.
Son of 2nd Aoya Genemon, after Meiji, Abandonment of feudal domains
and establishment of prefectures, he moved to Kyoto to live there.

4 th Nakamura Toko, (Meiji 6th, 1873 - unknown)
He was born in 1873 at Kanazawa.
Aoya Toko, Kato An, his real name was Nakamura Jinzaburo,
He became adoptive heir of Toko 3rd. He came to Kyoto, he learned Ceramic style
from adoptive father. He studied under Ueda Tangai painter. He opened Hokoku Kiln in
1907. His name was changed to Toko by Nijo Motohiro who was Kuge(nobleman).
Since then he is called as Aoya Toko. Kayoan name as well as seal of honor was
given to Toko by Hijikata Hisamoto Earl. In 1944 Tokyo received and designated
as Art Conservation Artist. Toko 4th must worked even after 70 years old with his son.
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