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Beautiful Japanese Porcelain Hirado Koro by 15th Nakazato Moemon
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Beautiful Japanese Porcelain Hirado Koro by 15th Nakazato Moemon

The size of Koro : 8 1/2 "High with cover x 3 1/2" Dia. Globular, Stand Size: 5 1/8" Dia
21 cm H x 9 cm Dia x 13 cm Stand Dia
This is Very Fine Japanese Hirado Koro one tier of reticulated w/two handles
supported by Kiku flower petals(chrysanthemum flower). It came with two Bells
on the ear of Koro. It make sound of Kara-Kara(Japanese sound expression).
This wonderfully made Hirado Koro is by 15th Nakazato Moemon. World renown
Hirado artist. Koro came with Original Kiri wood Tomobako with Tomonuno.
The cover of Tomobako in Japanse "Dai Jyu Godai Nakazato Moemon"
" Koro (Incense burner )" w/Kamon (family crest) of Nakazato
Inside cover has four Kanji Japanese lines. I can not read first two lines
because of very fine calligraphic Kanji. Third line said "Hirado O-cha Ji Gama (kiln)"
last line, "Jyu go dai, Nakazato Moemon" (15 th Nakazato Moemon) w/his chop seal
The chop seal on upper right is, seal of Family crest of Matsumura Clan.
The Tomonuno also has same name of "Jyu go dai, Nakazato Moemon" written.
Koro came also with the brochure of History Hirado and Nakazato family history of
Nakazato how their Hirado works started. Brochure was created originally dated Meiji 16 th, 1883.
But this brochure was printed in Show 43 rd which dated as 1968 which
makes this Koro was created by 15th Nakazato Moemon that year.
Please see additional photos at#1484685.

15th Nakazato Moemon, (1943 - )
He was born as second son of 14 th Nakazato Moemon in 1943 at Arita Cho, Saga Prefecture.
After the middle school, he studied under his father and he moved on to as Ceramist.
He has studied the family tradition of Kagome Sukashi Bori (reticulated work and design
of Hirado, as well as Kiku detail works. Since he has inherited the techniques of Moemon’s
mastery family tradition. He devoted his time as the ceramist without seeking to put his own
works at exhibition, which draw collector's attention as “Works of Phantom”.
In 1972, he became 15th Nakazato Moemon, In 1992 his work was presented to Meiji Shrine.
In 1995 his work was presented to Prince Akishinomia. His work received the merit from
Meiji Shrine. In 1999, as the representative of Japanese Ceramic Art, his work
was accepted into Gyeongsangnam-do Museum at South Korea.
In 2001 his work, Reticulated Karako Koro was accepted as permanent collection
of Eastern section of Guimet at Musée du Louvre, Paris, France.
As this result, he was named as top Japan’s white porcelain artist as well as
internationally famed.

The brief translation of Brochure
When Hirado Matsumura Feudal Lord travel to Korea in during Edo period, there was
Li Dynasty family name Lui. He brought her to Japan. She became Japanese and
married to Nakazato Moemon. They Started to open ceramic business with Korai style.
It became ancestor of this ceramic. Korai Baba and son Moemon traveled many place
to find white raw stone. They found raw stone with fine quality which became
Hirdo porcelain and used for creating fine porcelain. Feudal Lord Matsuura praised
their works. He invited Moemon to his place but he declined Matsuura’s invitation.
He stayed and created very fine Hirado works which run thru many generations of
Nakazazo family.
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