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The Exhibition of Grand Opening, Seifu Yohei, "Colors of Kyoto"
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The Exhibition of Grand Opening, Seifu Yohei, "Colors of Kyoto"

There are many items in one room with a lot of focus needed as the name
of this Gallery. You really have to spend the time with individually when visit Gallery.
My photos are showing only partial collection. So the best way to study
individual item will be obtaining exhibition catalog "Colors of Kyoto" written by
Dr. Shinya Maezaki and Dr. Sinead Vilbar. It will give you great insight of
Seifu Yohei’s process of their creation in Kyoto during those years.
Of course it will be the best to visit Cleveland Museum of Art in person before March 2024.
Me and my colleague in Kyoto are very honor and privileges to spend many years of our
life to assist and find these numbers of items Mr and Mrs. Heusinger have collected.
Their collection numbers in one place exceed from anyone in the world including in Japan.
I hope at least my photos have touched the basis of this extraordinary collection of
Seifu Yohei's works. Exhibition will run thru March 10 (Sunday), 2024.
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