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Rare Japanese Sometsuke Vase from Early Edo
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Rare Japanese Sometsuke Vase from Early Edo

The size of Ko Imari Vase: 7 1/2" High x 6 7/8" Dia High
This is rare Japanese Sometsuke Blue and White PorcelainVase from later part Early Edo (zenki). It is from Kanbun to Enpou (1660-680) Period. It is porcelain body with Sometsuke(Blue and White) design of Peony and grass. The whole design pattern is same from Shoki Imari (Early Imari). The condition of vase excellent other than some Jikan (original kiln flaw) which from Original surface hair line caused in Kiln it became net pattern. They are only on surface of vase. The little disform of vase on top was caused while in the kiln which make more interesting shape. Some area with little pits and sand spot which are common early Imari works. This vase will make great Ikebana vase. It came with Awase bako (not from early Edo) sliding door in the front. Also came with wooden stand.
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