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Limited Edition Lithograph by Obican Four Musicians, w/Prints Catalog
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Limited Edition Lithograph by Obican Four Musicians, w/Prints Catalog

The Unframed Paper Size: 28" W x 22 1/2"H,
Image Size: 25 3/4" W x 19 1/2" H
Artist: Jovan Obican (1918-1986)
The Title of Lithograph: Four Musicians
Medium: Offset Lithograph on paper.
The condition of Lithograph Excellent, never been framed.
Artist Edition 1000 written in pencil at lower left.
Signed: Lower right, Obican, his face drawn, 1986 in pencil.
This is beautiful Limited Edition Lithograph by Jovan Obican.
Plus with his Rare Fine Art Prints catalog together.

I have purchased this painting in 1991, 32 years ago from Obican Art Studio when they were in Jewish Center, Dallas, Texas. I never offered this to public. It has been stored away. It never been framed. The colors on print is brilliant which is also his trade mark. I am also offering Obican's Art Prints catalog(color), "General Presentation Catalog " size of catalog, 9 1/2" W x 13 5/8" L with the purchase of his lithograph which including 21 works, plus his complete biography in 20 pages (Cover and Back cover included). It is rare catalog and invaluable tool for collecting or selling Obican’s prints. We will ship Art work and catalog in heavy duty tube. I will enclose Certificate of Authenticity for Lithograph.

Jovan Obican (1918-1986)
Jovan Obican was born in Cannes, France, of Yugoslavian parents. He was painter and sculptor. best known for his depictions of folk art and traditional costumes rendered in a playful, childlike style. He often used brilliant bright, bold colors and black outlines in his renderings of figures and animals, giving his work an illustration-like quality. He was known for his colorful naïve paintings of folk people, which were heavily influenced by the Jewish Culture He showed an interest in art at a very young age, later becoming a successful artist. Obican wanted to be a lawyer but he never completed the proper training. Instead, he moved to the United States in 1959 and pursued a career in the arts. Over the course of his career, the artist maintained a studio in Boca Raton, Florida and Dubrovnik, Croatia— part of former Yugoslavia— where he developed an interest in Eastern Europe's Jewish culture. Many of his mature works depict Jewish traditions and ceremonies, including traditional Jewish weddings, the dancing of the Hora, and traditional music. The Obican Art Museum was founded in 1972 as a private institution for preserving, showing and publishing the artwork of the Obican family. The institution is registered in Europe. Obican died in 1986 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
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