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AGFA Bilinar-Billly Clack No.74 Camera
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Sale $80.00 w/USPS Priority/insured
Item was $150.00
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AGFA Bilinar-Billly Clack No.74 Camera

The size of Camera: 6" Long x 3" W x 11/4" Thick. This is AGFA Bilinar Billy-Clack No.74. It is Manufacutred by AFGA in Germany, 1930-1940. Body type: Folding Strut. Metal constructed body in Art Deco. Film type used by 120. Image size: 2 1/4x 3 1/4 inches. No of images:8. Lens type Bilinar achromat. Focus type: fixed. Focal length: 95 mm. Focal Range: 7 ft-inf. Aperture type: Multihole. Apertures: f/11, f/16, f/22. Shutter Type: Rotary. Shutter Speeds: B, 1(1/30 sec). Weight: 510 g. Condition of Camera: Excellent. Little rust on the backside top and bottom rim edge due to the age, as photo showing. Some black enamel worn on bottom. Sale $80.00 w/USPS Priority/insured. Item was $150.00
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