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Japanese Porcelain Ko Imari Bowl w/Dragon middle Edo
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Sale $95.00 w/US Priority/insured
Item was $210.00
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Japanese Porcelain Ko Imari Bowl w/Dragon middle Edo

The size of Bowl: 5 7/8" Dia x 1 9/16" High. Great Japanese Porcelain Sometsuke, Blue and White bowl with boldly painted dragon face with clouds. The bowl from late mid to 18th century. The color of underglaze is sort of darker blue. The condition of bowl is excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline from outside forces. However, there are Kamahi Hairlines (four lines) which caused in inside kiln when the temperature of air differentiated as removing the bowl in to the air which caused the Kanyu (kamahi lines). These hairlines are in the glaze. You do not feel crack on the surface as outside forces caused Hairlines. It is smooth on the surface, it does not catch finger nail. You do not see Kannyu. from side angles.This does not take away the beautify of bowl. The surface of bowl excellent. There are some sands stick inside foot rim where this bowl’s nature. The bowl sit well. The dating the bowl from1760-1780. Middle Edo. I paid $70.00 cost in 2007. Sale $95.00 w/US Priority/insured
Item was $210.00
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