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Attractive Fine Japanese Shaku Koro by Shou
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Sale $135.00 w/US Priority/insured
Item was $250.00
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Attractive Fine Japanese Shaku Koro by Shou

The size of Koro: 5 7/8" Long x 4 3/16" Wide x 7 3/4" High. This is beautiful Japanese Shaku (Jue) Koro by Shou. Koro was made by same type fine quality crackle glaze earthen ware as Kyoto Awata Yaki or Kyoto Satsuma pieces. The Koro has intricately made with work around the body. The condition of Koro excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline except noting one repaired spot on one of leg as two close up photo showing. The leg was snapped off cleanly at the side way. It has been repaired by super glue which strongly stay. Almost hardly notice. No broken parts as photos showin. It has Shou embossed seal under the Koro. The Koro stand well too. It came with Tomobako. The cover has Japanese writing, "Haku Korai"(white Korai) "Shaku" (jue). With two chop seal of Shou. Name Korai is Dynasty existed in Korean peninsula (936-1392). Inside cover has “Heian, Shou-Zo” (Kyoto, Shou-zo). Dating the Koro late Meiji to Taisho(1910-1920's). Although Tomobako condition looks not old as Shonzui bowl’s Tomobako. It was kept well from outside air and environment. We guarantee it is made by Shou. We priced accordingly as the repaired leg. Original price was $500.00 without restoration. We will pack separately from Tomobko, two inner carton in one carton. Sale $135.00 w/US Priority/insured. Item was $250.00
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