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Fine Looking No.1 - A AUTOGRAPHIC KODAK JR. from 1925-26
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Fine Looking No.1 - A  AUTOGRAPHIC KODAK JR. from 1925-26

The size of Camera: 8" Long x 3 3/4" Wide x 1 5/8" Thick. Weight: 850 grams. Year of Production: because it has 1925-26 Kodar f/7.9 lens, Kodex shutter. The No. 1-A AUTOGRAPHIC KODAK JR. was a folding camera for type 116 Autographic film. It was made in Rochester, NY, USA by Eastman Kodak Company.

Type: Folding camera
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Company
Years of production: 1914-27. But this camera was from 1925-26
Lens: 131 mm, Kodak F7.9. Film: Roll film (size 116)
Frame Size: 6.5x11 cm
Focal length: 5.25 inches
Serial No.: 875246 on back of Kodak metal Logo.
Focusing: Fixed on some models, by distance zone on bellows extension on others.

Condition of Camera: very good, all mechanical parts work fine.
Please note I never tested to take the picture by this camera. Age worn on the around the edge. The below is hard to coming out from case so you have to open the case and little push from inside back which will move into the rail. Opening the back case is simple by hold the two fingers on the side of camera and lift. For open the below just push the button next to spool. Also note: Shutter cable's black sheath worn out at the upper area. It can be fixed.
Please also note the right side plastic knob part has been repaired due to the age as photo showing. Metal Pen (Stylus) is missing on this camera as seen from photo. Otherwise, great condition for the camera from 1925-26. I have price accordingly. The following site you see, No. 1 & No. 1A Autographic Kodak Junior: How to use - Video manual,
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