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Very Rare Japanese Makie, Lacquer Tray, 19c.
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Very Rare Japanese Makie, Lacquer Tray, 19c.

The size of Makie Ita Bunko: 10 1/4" High x 8 1/4" Wide x 1/2" Thick. This is very unusual and rare Japanese Makie Ita Bunko (stationary board) used for holding Washi bundle for writing letter. It came with silk tassel for holding down the paper which preventing the paper does not blown away. Ita (board) has very fine Togidashi subject work from one of Kamakura or Heian Era Emaki (picture roll) scene. Two old men, one open the mouth wide open and other on holding something on the hand. One young samurai with the sword on left hand. It is humorous subject scene. The condition of Lacquer Tray excellent other than one little dent which has been restored. There is little rubbed wear area around. The backside tray has half circular groove open area for Himo (tassle). The dating of Makie tray from End of Edo to Meiji period, 1860-1900. I never seen like this Ita Bunko, Board Stationary. But there is Ita Bunko from 18th century at Miho Museum in Japan. Please note there is no warp on Makie Board. The photo lens show little warp looking which lens distortion.
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