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Very Fine Japanese Cloisonne Medallion w/Wooden Box by Shinya Okamoto
stock #04218/17-39

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Sale $275.00 w/US Priority/insured
Item was $800.00
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Very Fine Japanese Cloisonne Medallion w/Wooden Box by Shinya Okamoto

The size of Box: 4 1/4" Square x 2 3/8", Medallion size: 2 5/8" Dia x 1/4" High dome shape. The size of Presentation Box: 9 7/8” Long x 7" Wide x 3 1/4" High. The title of work: Mystique. The design depicted from Neji Bana (Spiranthes sinensis var. amoena) flowers with striking design and composition with such a delicately made by very thin/fine silver wires. The gradation of blue color is great. This fine Japanese Cloisonne, Shippo Medallion was created by Fine Japanese Cloisonne Artist, Shinya Okamoto from Chiba Prefecture, Japan. I am proudly present first time his work for selling in our website. We had his one man premier show in Kornye Galerie, Dallas, Texas as last photo show in October 1989. This very fine silver wire Cloisonne, Shippo work is one of them. As you see his profile attached separately. He is regular member of Nippon Dento Kogeiten (Japan Traditional Art and Craft) since 1985. His works has been exhibited in many Gallery as well as Department Stores in Japan. The cloisonne, Shippo is done by silver body as well as with very fine/thin Gin-sen (silver wire) less than half millimeter with each different colors are contained within silver wire. His first name Shinya’s Shin Kanji letter in the lower medallion at 35 minutes position. Medallion has slightly domed on the top as high of 1/4" high from bottom of medallion. The wooden box is made from fir wood with flat blue lacquer finish. The presentation box is made with wooden body with deep blue silk cloth covered. It is entirely made in Japan. Inside creamy fabric is also made with fine Japanese silk. All wooden box as well as presentation box are all hand made specially for this item. This item is very one of kind work no other work existing which bear the signature of Shinya's Shin on Medallion as well as on presentation box. It came also with Certificate of Authenticity/Original by Artist, Shinya Okamoto with his own signature. Also with the date of Exhibition, October 1989. Please note, certificate had the paper color changed over 30 years. The condition of Medallion as well as wooden box and presentation box excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline. The box cover fit well. The color of Blue box is better on actual box with deeper darker blue. Also the background color of flower is more attractive in actual piece. ctual color is more to photo No.1 and No.2. I never took out box from presentation box to display. It kept in presentation box last 31 years. This is one of best works I have seen in his works. Item was $800.00>

Shinya Okamoto (1939 - )
He was born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan 1939. His ancestor going back to 19th century in Japan served as chief carpenter in important Japanese shrine. At the age of six, Shinya started to study the painting the western style. After he graduated and earned the economic degree at the Japanese University. He wanted to pursue his interest in Art. He came to USA in 1967. He studied at Interior design course at University of Texas in 1967. Later that year he was transferred to North Texas University. He majored in Interior design. He received 3rd prize from Fourth Annual Art Show in Richardson, Texas. He was chosen as Outstanding student in the Art Department, to be represented in Who's Who from North Texas University. He worked as draft man for Stanley Brown Architects firm in Dallas, Texas. After he returned to Japan, he formed Interior design firm. He has fallen into the love of making Shippo (cloisonne) when he purchased one pair of cuffs link. He started making the cloisonne ever since then. After 5 to 6 years, he studied under well known Japanese cloisonne artist Michiko Takahashi. His excellent cloisonne works has been exhibited at various Exhibition which including Nippon Dento Kogei Ten (Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition) numerous times. He is regular member of Nippon Dento Kogei Ten. He had many one man show at Japanese Department store, including Mitukoshi as well as others. In December 10, 1985, he received Commendable Work prize from the 9th Cloisonne Instructors Association. In April 30, 1987, he received Encouragement Award from Nagareyama City Artist Association. In November 13, 1987. He received Distinguished Award from The 10th Japan Cloisonne Instructors Association, Tokyo, Japan. In November 23rd, 1988, he received Fine Work Award from the 11th Japan Cloisonne Instructors Association, Tokyo, Japan. The following year, he had one man show in Dallas, Texas 1989 which works we are showing here in our website. His workmanship is so meticulously fine and amazingly detail with fine colors, great composition by using silver wires (Gin sen) like many of Japanese Shippo Master Artisans, such as Ando Jubei, Namikawa Sosuke and others. Of course, there are many Japanese Dento Kogei Ten, his works has been exhibited plus other show throughout Japan.
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