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Beautiful Japanese Ceramic Ribbed Vase by Seifu Yohei III
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Beautiful Japanese Ceramic Ribbed Vase by Seifu Yohei III

The size of Vase: 11 3/4" High x 8 1/4" Dia, 298 mm x 210 mm. This is beautiful Japanese Ceramic Ribbed Vase, having flaring trumpet neck with White glaze decorated white Reishi and Bamboo design at the center of vase body with Moriage design with Reishi (Chinese Mushroom) around the vase in white enamel. The vase is made from white ceramic body with white glaze. The top of vase area has geometric Sometsuke design. The vase came with Tomobako authenticated by Seifu Yohei IV. Top of Tomobako has Japanese Kanji writing, " Tosei Saishoku Kabin, Senko-saku" (Ceramic made flower vase with colored, made by late father). Japanese writing on lower left, "Shusei Yondai, Seifu Shiki" (Seifu Iv authenticated) with Seifu Yohei IV's chop seal. The condition of vase excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline. Please note one spot at the top of vase has looks appearing as hairline but it is completely glazed over it does not go thru to other side of vase. Entire vase has natural Jikan, crackle glazing. Please also note one spot on the vase Photo No. 10 has showing appearing as glaze loss but it is actually glaze got thinner and not glaze peeled off as photo No.12 showing. When touched by finger that area, it is very smooth as slippery. No.7 photo showing little Kamahi lines which completely glazed over as photo No. 11 showing. This is outside vase of No.8 underglazed hairline spot. I have loaded scanned Page No. 87 from Mr. Seki's Seifu Yohei's book which showing same design vase with yellow glaze. It said the vase was made around Meiji 25th, 1892 before Seifu III became Teishitsu Gigeiin Imperial Household artist member). Please also note the bluish line in the center of photo No.3 is glaze line between ribbbed area.
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