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Fine Japanese Sake Pour and Choko Set by Sawamura Tosai 3 rd
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Sale $325.00 w/US priority/ins.
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Fine Japanese Sake Pour and Choko Set by Sawamura Tosai 3 rd

The Size of Tolkkuri: 4 5/8" High x 2 3/8" Dia, 2 1/16" Bottom. The size of Each Sake Cup: 1 5/8" Dia x 1 13/16" High. This is very unusual and fine classy Japanese Kiyomizu Yaki Sake set by Sawamura Tosai 3 rd (1951-). It is made with fine quality Kiyomizu Yaki refine earthern body. The wall thickness on Tokkuri is only 1/16" Thick less than 2 mm. So as Sake cup has only 1 mm thick on wall. Tokkuri as well as 2 sake cup has the hand written signature of Tosai in blue underglaze (sometsuke). The design of painting is Asagao (Japanese morning glary) with blue flower. There is finely painted the leaves with Gold works on Tokkuri as well as on each Sake cup. Each of them came with own Tomonuno with Tosai's red chop seal. Sake Set came with Kiri wood Tomobako. The cover of Tomobako said in Japanese, "Asagao no E" (painting of Morning glory), "Shuki" (Sake Set). Inside Tomobako, "Otowa sanroku" (Otowa mountain foot), "Tosai zo"(Tosai made). It also came with leaf let of Sawamura Tosai. The condition of Sake set, excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline. Beautiful condition. Dated Sake set from heisei 8th, 1985-1995's. Please note, this sake set ia mainly used for cold sake serving. Actual piece is bettter than photo.

Sawamura Tosai 3rd was born in 1951, as eldest of 2 nd Sawamura Tosai. From 1970, he was trained and studies at Kyodo Nobori gama at Gojo zaka, last Nobori gama (climbing kiln). After 10 years, this Kiln was closed. But he has opened his own Nobori gama at Zuiho-cho in Kyoto. He later moved his kiln to Shiga prefecture, Hino-cho. He maintained the traditional works of Kiyomizu Yaki. He added the cotemporary techniques to his works and creating his own. Sawamura Tosai Studio is making fine works since early Taisho to nowadays. Making fine works in Chado and daily utensils. Tosai's works are unique and delicately created. His works has been used and collected by many fine collectors,

The leaflet translation from Japanese to English.
Tosai was born as eldest of Tosai 2nd, in Kyoto Kiyomizu, Showa 26th, 1951.
From Showa 45th, 1970, 10 years, he worked at Gojo zaka Kyodo Gama (Nobori gama, = Climing Kiln)
In Shwa 60 th, 1985, he built Nobori gama name, Garyo Kiln.
In Heisei 7th, 1995, he became Tosai 3 rd.. He is regular member of Traditional Japanese Ceramic Association. From heisei 8 th, 1995-2000's.

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