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Rare Japanese Antique Scale with Wooden Storing Case, Late Edo
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Rare Japanese Antique Scale with Wooden Storing Case, Late Edo

The Size: 10 3/4"L x 3 1/4" Widest x 1" H,
This is Japanese Antique Scale from late Edo 1860's. The scale is made of Bone Rod with three different tick marks on the rod. You can measure, 17 Monme (68.75 gram), 50 Monme (187 gram), and 160 Monme (600 gram). Monme is old Japanese weight scale. The scale bone rod came with brass round tray with threads. Three top threads are used for when measure. It came with also heavy solid copper weight. There are embossed seals of identification which the scale was made by only Tokugawa Shogun authorized scale dealer. The is name of Authorized dealer in the eastern Japan, Shuzui Family. The center name, O-Hakari Dokoro, Shotokumen (left side). It is same words are embossed on solid copper weight also. There is one Kanji letter on front which is could not read. There is also one kanji letter upper left which is said Satake Yo (for Satake). The weight of solid copper weight is 2 oz. This scale has Japanese writing on the back with Sumi. It said, Tori Shinseki Cho, Surugaya Sahichi ( Shinseki-cho located in Kanda area in Tokyo.) Surugaya was Money lender which this scale was maybe used to calculate the Sakin (gold sands or others precious metal) weight or other purpose, which I do not know exact use of this scale. The storing wooden case in the shape of Gourd. Wooden material is oak. The condition of scale as well as wooden case is excellent, very little wear.
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