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Fine Rare Japanese Porcelain Sometsuke Shonzui Bowl by 1st Seifu Yohei
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Fine Rare Japanese Porcelain Sometsuke Shonzui Bowl by 1st Seifu Yohei

The size of Sometsuke Bowl: 7 1/4" Dia x 3 5/8" High, 2 2/4" Dia on Foot rim. (19.3 cm x 9 cm, 9.7 cm dia foot rim). This is finely made Japanese Porcelain Sometsuke Bowl in Shonzui Utsushi (Chinese Shonzui design copy) by 1 st Seifu Yohei. It is decorated very detail Sometsuke design with four geometric windows design. Those are Tree design, 3 Chinese Peoples, Boats, and Pine tree surrounded by Four intricately painted design. Inside rim has two band designs of Karakusa and clouds finely painted. Inside bottom center has bird and flower design. The condition of bowl is excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline. Except noting there are two tiny Hittsuki (glaze sticks). Bowl has signature of Seifu Sha, Yohei Zo (Seifu sha, Yohei Made). The bowl came with Tomobako. The Tomobako cover has Japanese writing "Seika Hachi" (Blue and White Bowl) with chop seal of 1st Seifu Yohei. Inside Tomobako cover has Japanese, signature of Yohei Zo (Yohei made) with his seal. There is also Paper label attached on the side of Box said in Japanese, First Seifu Yohei Saku (made), Shnzui Utsushi Hachi (bowl). We guarantee the bowl was made by Seifu Yohei 1st. The bowl was made late Edo in 1850-60.

Seifu Yohei 1st (Kyowa 3rd, thru Bunkyu 3rd, 1803-1861). Pottery artist of Bakumatsu, Kyo Yaki. Pen name was Baihin. He was the son of one of Samurai family, Hoda Yahei, in Kaga. In 1814, he moved to Kyoto and studied under Ninami Dohachi(1783-1855) his Tougei (pottery technique). Bunsei 1st, by the order of Dohachi, he built Raku kiln at Sanyaso, Momoyama. In Bunsei 10th, 1827, he opened his kiln at Gojo Higashi 4-chome. He started to make, Rakuyaki with Sometsuke, korean copy, white porcelain poly chrome. He is no exception of studying over at Oniwa-yaki, clan supported kiln. He was invited to Bizen (Okayama) by the second top of Inoki Tadasumi, he has taught Mushiake-Yaki ware. Those works are infuluenced by the style of Kyo Yaki from Gojozaka Japanese Style, and specially Sometsuke work are highly appreciated. He was first generation of fine artisan Seifu Yohei family.

Shonzui is one of Sometsuke Porcelain made in China, during late Ming Dynasty era. The design of Shonzui was ordered by Japanese for their Tea Ceremony utensils, not only, Chawan, also for Mizusashi (water pour), Kogo, Chaire as well as Yunomi (hot water drinking cup).
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