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Attractive Japanese Ceramic Bowl with Unkin Design by 1st Wada Tozan
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Attractive Japanese Ceramic Bowl with Unkin Design by 1st Wada Tozan

The size of Bowl: 7 1/2" Dia x 4 1/8" High. The bowl is made by renown artist name, Wada Tozan who created Kotoura Gama(kiln) in Meiji 43rd, 1910. The bowl is in the style of Ogata Korin, Unkin style with cherry blossoms and maple design. It is made of harder tsuchi(material) than Kyoto awata and Satsuma ware. The workmanship is great with open works. It came with Tomobako. The cover of Tomobako has Japanese writing, "Iroe Koma Gata" (color painted, Koma Shape), "Kashibachi"(kasha bowl), "Kotoura Game"(Kotoura kiln), "Tozan zo"(Tozan made) with his chop seal. Inside cover, has "Konomu"(like), and another seal which is owner's seal who own this bowl. There is embossed seal of Tozan inside Kodai. The condition of bowl excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline. Dating the bowl from 1920-30's.

1st Wada Tozan(1887-1967) Tozan was born, Meiji 20th, 1887 in Nishinomiya, in Osaka.He opened Kotoura Kiln in Meiji 34, 1901. He was public office worker, but he pursued his career as Potter. In Meiji 43, 1910 moved Kiln to Amagasaki. In Taisho 12th, he bilt, Nobori Gama(climbing kiln). He created Hakuji(white porcelain), Seiji, Sometsuke, Kinrande, Kyo-yaki style and many others including Tea articles. When Showa Emperor visited the city, in Showa 22nd, 1947, he showed 15 items of his works. He received Hyogo Cultural award.
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