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Important Oil Painting by Claude Gaveau, French
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Special $7,500.00 w/Air Freight/Insured.
Item was $25,000.00
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Important Oil Painting by Claude Gaveau, French

The size of frame: 48" Wide x 60" High (122 cm x 152.5 cm)
Image size: 44 1/2" Wide x 57"High. (112.5 cm x 144.7 cm)
Artist: Claude Gaveau (1940- ), French
Medium: Oil painting on canvas, with Gold Frame.
The Subject: Mimosa
The condition: Excellent
The year of Painting was done in 1960-80's.
Signed on lower right by Gaveau
This is one of his major oil painting done by Claude Gaveau. There is original seal by Wally Findly Galleries, who had locations in New York, Paris, Chicago, Parlm Beach and Beverly Hills when the painting was sold. Now they have galleries in New York, Palm Beach and Barcelona. The regular price on this great and important painting was $25,000.00.

Calude Gaveau (1940- )
He was born on December 5th, 1940. The Prominet French Artist. He studied at the Ecole des Arts Appliques in Paris for five years, and spent another six years at the Ecole Supericure des Beaux-Arts, also in Paris. An alchemist of the painterly gaze, Gaveau concots his favorite themes haloes of weightlessness. His compositions are at once solid and uplifting, in a dream world containing hints of ethereal vision where light invades content. Gaveau tansform his varied themes, thus demonstrating that a still life can retain its emotional charge, as can a nude, or a landscape. He received numerous awards in France. Such as Salon de Monaco: 1st place, Salon d'Automne, Aixen-Provence, 1st Grand Prix. Salon a Verbierm Swiss, His collectors are all over the world, Japan, France, Suisse, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Sweden,Denmark, Canada, Australia and more. His works are been exhibited in Galerie Wally Findlay, New York, Paris, Chicago, Galerie Rugraf, Nancy, Salon de la Monnaie, Paris, Salon Confraontaion, Dijon, Salon d'Automne, Paris, Salon de Peintres Temoin deleur temps, Paris.and Salon le Doyenne, Saint-Emillion. We guarantee it is the work by Claude Gaveau.
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