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Very Rare Japanese Ko Kiyomizu Iroe Chagama Style Koro 19c
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Very Rare Japanese Ko Kiyomizu Iroe Chagama Style Koro 19c

The size of Koro: 9 13/16" High x 7 1/16" Dia (Widest). This is most unique and attractive Japanese Ko Kiyomizu (Old Kiyomizu) Koro Ko Kiyomizu Koro has beautiful Gosu Blue and Lighter turquoise color like green enamel color design works of bamboo over Kyo-Yaki crackle glazed body. Koro came from two main body. Chagama body has fine open works as well. The shape of Chagama. Chagama has Foo Dog ears. The cover of Koro has metal cover. The cover is replaced with metal Hoya because original pottery cover must been broken. Entire Koro condition is excellent, no chip, no crack and no restoration. Please note there are 5 small Kannyu (hairlines due to the age of this Koro. Koro is from 1800-1850’s, late Edo. The hairlines are located on top part area of Chagama. Each hairline is very small, 5 mm to 1 cm. There is one spot with the size of 3 mm dia which has the color of glaze has been changed. You see the spot at photo No.9 at additional photo #2. Please also note, upper section of Koro has some Susu (soot has been) soaked in the crackle glaze area which showing darker than lower section. We tried to clean but this is best condition we can bring back because of age. Hoya (Koro cover) is not made of silver. The size of Hoya size is little bit smaller which has little gap at 1 mm to 2 mm when rested on the top. Koro came with Old Kiri wood Awasebako (not Tomobako). We will place kilting inside Kiriwood box when we ship.
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