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Original Etching Print by Loppo Martinez, French, Violinist
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Original Etching Print by Loppo Martinez, French, Violinist

The Original Etching by Loppo Martinez (1952- ), French.
Title: "La Violoniste"(Violinist), Unframed. Never been framed.
I had this lovely Etching last 29 years stored away.
The condition: Mint Condition,
The Paper size: 21 7/8" x 29 7/8" , Image size: 14 3/4" x 21 7/8"
Signed by Artsit: Martinez Lower right, Edition numbered: 24/125, lower left by pencil.
The publisher: Loppo Martinez Studio with embossed seal. 1990.
Printed on 100 % Arches paper.

This is very attactive Etching Print by Loppo Martinez. His biography below. It is very impressive profile. This is one of 5 etching prints, we had last 29 years in our collection never been offered before. It never been framed. The color are brilliant and so as the condition. It came with the certificate of authenticity as scanned. Please note the border color is evenly white. So as the dimention of size all equal.

Loppo Martinez (1952- ) French Artist
Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez is a French painter born in Brittany, France, March 14th, 1952. At the age of eight he studied at the Experimental Art School in 1960, Lorient, France, followed by the Beaux arts in Versailles, Studio Grappin for anatomy at Beauvais and the L ecole Superieure Estienne des Arts in Paris. At the age of 16, in 1967, he was accepted to the Estienne School of Artistic and Industrial Graphics in Paris, he found his niche in engraving. Under the direction of engraver and former director of the Maeght studios Robert Dutrou, Martinez found himself inspired and in the presence of greatness. In 1972, he was awarded the Prix de Rome. This was before devoting himself exclusively to his own painting, as a master engraver, Loppo created his first etching studi on in 1981 and he collaborated to the print making for Picasso, Miro, Chagall, Dali, Miro, Tapies, Max Pappart, Bernar Venet, Bellmer, Kim Tchang Yeul, Rodo-Boulanger, and many others. Loppo Martinez has had his works displayed in more than 100 shows across the globe in Asia, Europe and North America. Although established locally in Las Vegas, the French-born artist graduated from Superior Art College Estienne in Paris in 1972. Although, his passion to the art as an artist is creating his own style, and expression which guided him to two major art movements. These have affected him and motivated his search: Postimpressionism and Fauvism on one hand and Art Deco on the other. Revolving around Drama and Symbolism of sign, his art expression has a very simple rationale attaching palpable emotions of life to an inferred scene insinuated by symbols and colors. Choosing figurative art as his means of expression he lets the onlooker share his dreams preserving the spirit of those infused in his world. As the result, he founded , "Martinez Studios" in Paris fully equipped complex designed for all engraving techniques in all printing formats. In 1982, he exhibited his paintings, at Master Fine Art, Los Angeles. In, 1985-1985, Exhibition of paintings, at Laura Pollak Gallery, San Diego. And many more. Loppo's international reputation as a designer expanded when he joined Dragone's company as Director of Creation in 2008. Among many other awards, Loppo earned first prize of the International Art of Montreux, Europe, in 1992, and first prize of the Art Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2003. His works have even been displayed at the highest level of American government as the painting "Lady Liberty". He also created many Children's books as well.
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