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Rare Original Lithograph by Paul Guiramand, Amor
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Special $450.00 w/US priority/ins.
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Rare Original Lithograph by Paul Guiramand, Amor

The sheet size: 29 7/8" x 22"
The image size: 25 3/4" x 18 7/8"
The title: "Amor"
Medium: Japon paper
Artist: Paul Guiramand (1926-2008)
Made yer: Feb. 1982
Edition Number; 73/100, in pencil
Signed: Guiramand signed in pencil lower right.
The condition: Excellent, never been framed.
The lithograph was stored away last 20 years. It came with the Certificate of authenticity.

Paul Guiramand (1926-2008)
Paul Guiramand was born in February 1st 1926, in Saint-Quentin, France. He studied at he Ecole des Beaux-Arts, the Brianchon studio under Maurice Brianchon who was profeffor and also studied with F.Mourlot for lithography. Long stay in Italy and Spain. He took part in the first and second Paris youth Biennal, in painting/engraving exhibition, in shows of youth painting and in shows of young and great artists. In the early thirties he moved to Paris and he saw the violence of war torn France. He began to study design at the Ville de Paris.

A symphony of undulations revealed or accentuated tothe rhythm of successfully combined colours closely examines the subject depicted around other favourite themes the artist.

Women, music, flowers or horses appear one by one or in duets in his lithographies. The threnody of forms and arpeggio of highly characteristic colors consecrates Guiramand's fleeting and precious technique.

Thematic delicacy fed by graceful and ephemeral contours results from the interpretation of special moments of reality prolonged through the eye of the creator thanks to his command of lithographic technique.

The subjects shrouded in young sensual forms, suggested rather than depicted, radiate a lightness and an extremely Latin aestheticism which renders the forms sublime and exalts the colours.

His vermilions toned down from mauves to flower into azure, or again his emerald greens combined with a pink or merging with a black, sings out the vitality which is sometimes tained with nostalgia, but always vibrant and elegant.

Each of his lithographic creations confirms the genius and ability of the artist and throughout the world meets with the success which is the natural recompense of his enourmous artistic talent, increased through the perfectinism of the lithographer.

He had many expositions around the world. Too many to be mentioned here including he was very popular in Japan. His works are sought and collected by world art collectors.
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