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Fine Celadon Brush Holder with Dragon Design
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Fine Celadon Brush Holder with Dragon Design

The size of Brush Holder: 4 3/4" High x 4" Dia. This is beautiful finely worked Dragon design with Celadon Glazed Brush Holder. There is two dragon design with clouds and fire on front and back. The condition of Porcelain Brush Holder excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline. Please note top and bottom size is same 4" Dia. A couple of my photo showing bottom smaller which is from photograph. The condition of Brush Holder excellent no chip and no crack and no hairline. There is one little pinkish color spot on one of Dragon's beard as the result of reflection, it does not show in actual piece. The quality of Brush Holder is excellent. Our price including US Priority mail insured. The dating of Brush Holder is from circa 1960's to before. The origin of Brush Holder is unknown whether from Japan or China. Either way, Brush Holder is finely made with Seiji, Celadon Glaze. Please note bottom rim photo showing right side sightly wider on rim ring, but it is rim size evenly same. It showing right side wider because of photo shot angle.
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