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Striking Rare Japanese Vase by Seifu Yohei III w/Dragon and Shinshayu
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Striking Rare Japanese Vase by Seifu Yohei III w/Dragon and Shinshayu

The size of Vase: 11 3/4" High x 5 5/16" Dia. This is very rare and striking Japanese Porcelain Vase by Seifu Yohei III (1851-1914)with Design of Dragon, fire ball (top area) as well as the clouds around the vase done in relief/carved design with Shinshayu (under glaze, Copper Red Glaze). Shinshayu is very difficult one to handle and using on the vase. It all four elements, balance of mixing glaze powder, thickness of glazing, materials of vase, and temperature of processing in kiln, has to be perfect in order to create beautiful colors. The material of vase is by Porcelain and not by earthen ware. The design of one dragon wrapping around the vase in inscription/carved works done with glaze of Shinshayu (Copper Red Glaze) which is very rare works. Last photo showing where the head of Dragon as well as the tail of dragon showing. According to the book of Seifu Yohei has only 4 works of example done and listed in the book. Actual works of the vase is much better than our photo showing. It came with Kiriwood Tomobako. The cover of Tomobako has Japanese Kanji writing, "Shinshayu, Ryu Koku" (copper red glaze with Dragon design carved). "Kabin, Senko Saku" (flower vase made by my late father ). Inside Tomobako cover has Japanese writing " Yondai Seifu Shiki" (examined and certified by Seifu 4 th). The condition of Vase excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline except some Jikan hairline). Jikan is hairline inside glazing which were caused when temperature of inside kiln and outside temperature differentiate at the time of taking out the item from still warm kiln into cold air. All hairlines are inner glaze and not forced hairlines. It does not catch the finger nails.Jikan is not consider damage(kizu). Dating of Vase before 1914. Please note Jikan is all around the vase. Glazing are done inside bottom as well.
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