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Fine Japanese Shunkei Lacquer Fubako
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Sale $235.00 w/US Priority mail/ins.
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Fine Japanese Shunkei Lacquer Fubako

The size of Fubako: 12 5/8" Long x 9 5/8" Wide x 3" High. This is beautiful Japanese Shunkei Lacquer Fubako (stationary box) with lattice works carved on top of Fubako. The cover shape has little dorm shape. It came with Original Box. The condition of Fubako excellent. It never been used. We had this lovely Fubako since 1979, it never been used. It was stored away. Mint condition. The cover fit well, no warping. Label said in Japanese, Hida Shunkei, Dento Kougei (traditional art and craft) with chop seals.

Shunkei Nuri (Lacquer ware):
Shunkei Nuri is from Hida Takayama, where located in Gifu Prefecture. It is created using transparent lacquer on yellow- or red-stained wood, so that the natural wood grain can be seen (similar to Kuroye Nuri in this respect). The name is derived from the inventor who was active in Sakai during the reign of the Emperor Go-Kameyama (1368-1392). This method became popular in the 17th century in Takayama, Hida province. Many articles for use in tea-drinking were manufactured using this technique.
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