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Classy Japanese Silver Bamboo Lacquer Tray Zuiun by Zohio
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Sale $135.00 w/US Priority mail/ins.
Item was $220.00 mail/ins.-Sold
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Classy Japanese Silver Bamboo Lacquer Tray Zuiun by Zohio

The size of Tray: 7 3/4" W x 7 1/2" L x 1 1/8"H. This is beautiful Japanese Silver Lacquer Tray made of Bamboo by renown Japanese Lacquer company Zohiko. The corners of Trays are curved out as photos showing. It has Silver Leaf finish over Roiro(black) lacquer. The tray has bamboo design with gold and green finish. It is handsome Kashi Tray for serving sweet. It has original Gift box by Zohio with leaflet. Bx cover said Zuiun with Zohiko's seal. It said and translated as Healthy and Dynamic also gentle is Bamboo. Japanese bamboo, Kyoto Bamboo. Silver leaf is symbol of long life as well as good luck light. This item called Zuiun was born. We hope this shining bring you happiness to you. Heian, Zohiko. Item has been stored away last 40 years and it never been used. The condition is excellent as photographed. The price includes US Priority mail/ins. It is very nice vintage item. Please inquire oversea shipping cost.

Zohiko Company History
Zoge-ya, the predecessor of Zohiko, started its operation to sell specialty tools and artistic lacquer goods for daily use in the 1st year of Kanbun (1661). Hikobei III was a craftsman who excelled at the lacquerware technique and was granted the title "Master of Maki-e"by the Emperor. In the last stage of his life, he created a Maki-e panel, "Fugen Bodhisattva on a white elephant". The people of Kyoto were so charmed by the beauty of this image that they named it the "Zohiko panel," with "Zo" being the first part of "Zoge-ya" and "Hiko" being the first part of Hikobei's first name. Since then, we have been developing and gaining a trusted reputation under the store name "Zohiko". Hikobei IV was appointed the position of purveyor to Sento Imperial Palace (the imperial palace of an abdicated emperor). Hikobei VI was an artist of refined taste and created a number of art works such as tools for tea ceremonies. Hikobei VIII exported lacquerware and was known as a pioneer of lacquerware trading. He also established a school of Maki-e and worked actively on many projects. The present owner continues his endeavors. Zohiko continue to evolving today's Japanese's sociaety as well as to the world wide.
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