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Very Fine Quality Japanese Koransha Plate Set with Orchid Design
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Sale $245.00 w/US Priority/ins.
Item was $450.00
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Very Fine Quality Japanese Koransha Plate Set with Orchid Design

The size of Large Plate 10" Dia x 1 1/8" High. Small size Plate: 5 5/8" Dia x 7/8" High. This is very fine Japanese Porcelain Plate set of 6 pcs, one large plate and 5 small plate set. It is finest quality Porcelain Arita works available in Japanese porcelain today. It has beautiful scalloped shape with Ruricolor, cobalt blue edge. It has lovely Ran (orchid) design on plate. Lavender color, green color as well as red flower with gold work. Each Orchid design are handpainted carefully excuted. Each plate has Koransha marking on the center. It came with original Gift Box of Koransha logo printed. The set never been used. It has been stored away last 40 years since 1979. The condition of set is mint condition, no chip, nocrack and no hairline, as well as no wear. The price including US Domestic Priority shipping and insured. Please note wooden stand for large plate not included. Koransha do not sell this kind combination plate set any longer.

History of Koransha
About three hundred years ago, during Genroku period when Edo culture was flourishing, first generation Fukagawa Eizaemon started to make porcelain at Hizen Arita area, which the orgination of Koransha. After the change of Old Edo culture to New modernization of Japan into Meiji Period, Arita ware lost all of financial support from Saga and Nabeshima clan family because of Tokugawa government break up and Meiji Imperial government stared. To revitalize Arita area industry, 8 th Fukagawa Eizaemon has contributed as leadership in Arita area industry. He had very strong will and spirit, so he gathered the finest potters, painters and pottery trader and formed the company which was called “Koransha”. It translated as Company of the Scented Orchid in Arita, Japan, to produce fine porcelain ware for export. “It was Meiji 8 th, 1875. Since then, Koransha received many awards at International Exhibition throughout the world. In Meiji 29 th, 1897, Koransha was awarded to do the exclusive business with Imperial Family(Kunaicho). Feature of Koransha pieces are finest material of Arita area and high sense design as well as finest workmanship of potter, and painters. It is distinguished from Fukagawa pieces in late Edo and Meiji Period.
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