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Excellent Vintage Japanese, Nanbu Testsubin, Kyusu, Tea Pot by Iwachu
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Excellent Vintage Japanese, Nanbu Testsubin, Kyusu, Tea Pot by Iwachu

The Size of Kyusu: 6 1/4"L x 5 1/2" Dia, 3" to Top of cover, 5 1/2" to top of Handle.
This is beautiful and fine Genuine Japanese Vintage Nanbu Tekki, Tetsubin, Kyusu, Iron Tea Pot made by renown Nambu Tetsubin maker Iwachu. Tetsubin, Iron Kettle in the design of Arare (Hail) pattern. Tetsubin came with original box with No. 5, Kyusu (tea pot server) as well as leaflet The weight of Tetsubin is 2 pounds 7 oz. Inside Tetsubin, Kyusu has Horo finish (enamel finish which does not have the problem using. This Tetsubin, Kyusu never been used. Tetsubin is little over 40 years old before 1979's vintage. Excellent condition. Please note the handle will be holding down.

Leaflet has note of how to use the tea pot. Nanbu Tekki, Kyusu(tea pot) has been made same process as Nanbu Tetsubin. This Kyusu especially has the finish of Horo(enamel work inside). While using the item, please do not wash inside as inside has enamel work. When it is not used, to keep in storing, please do not leave any water inside. Also, please put the dry cloth underneath when drying after used, as salt and moisture is not good for iron tea pot.
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