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Rare Bronze Broach by Japanese Sculptor, Konno Hisashi,
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Rare Bronze Broach by Japanese Sculptor, Konno Hisashi,

The size of Bronze Broach: 1 5/8" W x 1 7/8" L x 3/16" H. This is very rare Japanese Bronze Broach by Renown, Sculptor, Konno Hisashi. It is made of Bronze or other hard metal with silver peal finish. It has It has HK signature inscribed. It came with Kiri wood (paulownia wood Tomobako) with Writing, Konno Hisashi with his chop seal. The condition of broach excellent. I checked to see any other Broach made by Konno Hisashi, I did not find any other broach. Dating of Broach from 1960-70's. Broach came with original receipt of Japan Bijutsuka Renmei(Japan artist association). Category: Broach. Finish Pearl

Konno Hisashi (1915-1985)
He was born in Miyagi pref., Sendai City. He went to Tokyo Bijutsu (Art) School, Sculpture Department. He studied under Asakura Fumio, Kitamura Saibo. He became a member of Jiyu Bijutsu Kyokai in Showa 23rd (1948). His works has been showing at Tokyo National Modern Art Museum, and many major Fine Art Museum throughout Japan. His work is in permanent collection at Tokyo Modern Art Museum. He has shown his work at San Paulo Biennale in Showa 30th (1955). And Other famous art exhibition. His bronze work is at the Sendai city, railroad station as well as many other places.
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