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Fine Japanese Nashiji Makie Jubako Set dated 1904, Meiji 37
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Special $695.00 w/priority mail ins. Item was $1,950.00-Soldprevious page

Fine Japanese Nashiji Makie Jubako Set dated 1904, Meiji 37

The size of Jubako: Jubako Box 9 1/2" L x 8 7/8" W x 16 1/4" High, The stand size: 12" L x 12" x 2 1/2" High. This is very fine Japanese Nashiji Makie, Lacquer Jubako(nested box) set with Stand. Jubako was used for the special occasion serving foods such as new years day. It has wonderful gold Takamakie and Raden(mother of pearl) work of Ajisai(hydrangea) design. Inside cover has four different beautiful butterfly design in detail. It is one of master works from Meiji period. The condition of Jubako is excellent, except noting, hairline separation on the cover as photos showing but it stayed as they are and it does not go further. The last bottom box's back has restored area which was along inside bottom corner. Some age wear but it is very minor for the age and great shape. It came with wooden storage box as last photo showing. It said, dated, Meiji 37th(1904) Early Spring made. Nashiji 5 layered Jubako, owner's name Okita in sumi ink. The jubako will be packed and shipped separately from wooden box because little too tight after packing with bubble sheet. The stand wooden box does not have cover. We will ship in two cartons. Please note that hairline on top cover has been sealed, so as the hairline inside center of second jubako from bottom ha been sealed. Since this fine Jubako from 1904 which is 115 years old. There was some minor joint separation inside, on first, 4th and 5th, but 2nd and third layer has not problem. They have been restored and sealed. The Jubako set is considerably fine condition for 115 years old. It would be very difficult to find without some minor deteriation for this kind works. It is great price for dated Jubako.
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