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Beautiful Japanese Vase by Kawai Hirotsugu w/Tomobako
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Beautiful Japanese Vase by Kawai Hirotsugu w/Tomobako

The size of Vase: 6" High x 5 1/8" Wide x 3 1/8" Deep. It is very beautiful Stone ware vase done by Kawai Hirotsugu, son in law of world renown artist Kawai Kanjiro (1890-1966). The vase came with Tomobako by the artist, Japanese writing said, "Nagashikake, Henko" (pouring glazed vase). It has Kawai Hirotsugu signature as well as his, "Hiro" chop seal. The condition of vase excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline. We are pleased to introduce his work in USA. His work is scarce. It is great time to start collecting his item. Dating this work from 1950's.

Kawai Hirotsugu (1919 – 1993)
He was born as second son of Kyoto Nishijin Fabric Wholesaler, Arakawa Denhichi and Haru. He studied at Tokyo Shoka University and graduated on 1942. He married to a daughter of Kawai Kanjiro, Yoshi (Suyako) by match making and suggestion by Yanagi Muneyoshi. His name was changed to Kawai Hirotsugu as he moved into Kawai family. He started to work as potter. His work place moved to Shigaraki, Shiga prefecture in 1979. He passed away in March 19th, Heisei 5th, 1993. His work was greatly influenced by his father in law, Kawai Kanjiro who was one of original founder of Mingei Undo (the folk art movement) among Kawai Kanjiro(1890 -1966), Yanagi Muneyoshi (1889-1961) and Hamada Shōji (1894–1978) during 1926 thru 1940's. But Hirotsugu developed his own expression on his works. His work was auctioned in Christie's and others.
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