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Fine Ukiyoe Scroll Painting by Hishikawa Moroshige Genroku Period
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Fine Ukiyoe Scroll Painting by Hishikawa Moroshige Genroku Period

The size of Scroll: 31" Wide x 54" Long (32 3/4 " end of Jiku/scroll, widest)
The size of Painting area: 26 1/2" Wide x 18 3/4" Long
The Artist: Hishikawa Moroshige ( around Mid 17th to early 18c)
The Subject: Riverside Scene
The year of painting done: around Genroku (1688 to 1703)
The material of scroll: Silk made with wooden scroll end(jiku saki)
The condition of scroll: Very Good except noting some lightly stain at the bottom end scroll. Painting area has some cleaned area which show as lighter background. No tear or repair. It came with wooden box.
Japanese Antique Kakejiku, Scroll painting by Hishikawa Moroshige. The very fine detail original Japanese Ukiyoe painting on silk. The subject of riverside scenery with Genroku figures, Bijin, with total of 25 peoples incuding children. It is very nice painting with nice composition. Your eyes will travel every corner of scroll painting with fascination of Genroku Bijin as well as the Japanese Kimono among the merchant, Samurai and children. The figures are painted with very fine brush strokes in very small size area. The figure are much better in actual pieces. The painting has much more detail work on the background of birds flying, and distance house scene as well as the wave line and color of water. It is hard to take photo since it is silk background made which will reflect the lines. Additional photo set will show more contrasted photos. However, it has been auto modified photo to show the contrast colors and line. The photo set on this catalog is little more accurate. It is signed by Hishikawa Moroshige and sealed. "Nihon-e Hishikawa Moroshige" (Japanese painting painted by Hishikawa Moroshige) with his chop seal. It came with wooden Kiri Box. I have paid $1,500.00 in 2004.

Hishikawa Moroshige(around mid 17 th century to early 18 the century) Moroshige was the student of Hishikawa Moronobu(1618-1694, Genwa 4 to Genroku 7) He was one of original creator of Ukiyoe painting. Moroshige was very talented artist who was number one student of Moronobu. In Genroku 2nd, 1689, he became his ownand opened his business. He lived in Hasegawa-cho, He was also used the name as Hasegawa Tarobei. His works was similar painting style as Moronobu. He used signature as "Yamatoe Hishikawa Moroshige Hitsu", also used "Nihone Hishikawa Moroshige Hitsu" (Japanese painting Hishikawa Moroshige painted). He used this signature on our scroll.
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