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Japanese Seiji, Celadon Vase with Ho-O and Ears by Miura Chikken
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Japanese Seiji, Celadon Vase with Ho-O and Ears by Miura Chikken

The size of Vase: 12" High x 5 5/16" Dia. This is beautiful Japanese Seiji, Celadon Vase by Miura Chikken (3rd Miura Chikusen). The vase is made with fine quality porcelain with Seiji finish. The vase has 2 Ho-o bird ears. It came with Tomobako as well as Tomonuno with artist chop seal. The cover of Tomobako has Japanese writing, "Seiji So Ho-o Mimi" (celadon porcelain with two ho-o ears). "Kabin" (flower vase). The condition of vase excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline. Please note there is 3 small spots as our photo show at second page, 1st and 2nd photo. Dating from 1950-60's. The vase has inscription signature of Chikken on the bottom. Japanese writing on side label as, Miura Chikken made, Celadon Ho-O Ears Vase.

Miura Chikken 1st = Miura Chikusen 3rd (1900-1990, Meiji 33rd - Heisei 2nd ) 1st Miura Chikken (also known as 3rd Miura Chikusen until 1931) was born as 3rd son of 1st Miura Chikusen. His name was Saburo, later he became Chikusen and Chikken. His go name was Shigetsuan. His borother 2nd Chikusen passed away young. The son of his brother 2nd was still infant. So he became Chikusen 3rd, in 1921(Tisho 10th). In 1931 he yielded the Chikusen name to 4th Chikusen. Yozo. But he kept making the pottery works under the name of "Chikken" which he branched out his family name. He was regular member of Japanese Traditional Art and Craft in Pottery works. He was also had the license of Government recognized Traditional Technique Holder. He has left many fine works of Kenzan style works, Ninsei, and other fine flower related works.
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