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Very attractive Japanese Two Panel Screen, Genpei Battle Scene 19c
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Very attractive Japanese Two Panel Screen, Genpei Battle Scene 19c

The size of Screen: 70" Long x 24" High x 9/16" Thick, when the screen spread. Each panel 35" Long. Beautiful Japanese Byobu screen.. It is all hand painted on Japanese paper. The background where clouds area done in gold leaf works. The painting subject from Genpei Gassen. I pasted the subject below. The painting of each Samurai figures are well excuted. The screen is done from late Edo to early Meiji period, 1850-1870's. The condition of screen is excellent, there are some wear especially on the back as seeing from our photos. But, no major tear. The backside one spot area has Japanese Washi(paper) patched work-No.8 photo of additional photo showing. There are little small nick and dent expected as this much old screen. Please note we ship the screen only via EMS to your location. Painting was done by natural pigments. It is wonderful smaller size screen which is desirable for your home decoration.

The Genpei War (Genpei kassen, Genpei gassen) (1180-1185) was a conflict between the Taira and Minamoto clans during the late-Heian period of Japan. It resulted in the fall of the Taira clan and the establishment of the Kamakura shogunate under Minamoto no Yoritomo in 1192.
The name "Genpei" (sometimes romanised as Gempei) comes from alternate readings of the kanji "Minamoto" and "Taira" . The conflict is also known in Japanese as the Jisho Juei War (Jisho Juei no ran), after the two eras between which it took place.
It followed a coup d'tat by the Taira in 1179 and call to arms against them led by the Minamoto in 1180. The ensuing Battle of Uji took place just outside Kyoto, starting a five-year-long war, concluding with a decisive Minamoto victory in the naval Battle of Dan-no-ura. (information from Wikipedia, Genpei War).
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