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Very Rare Yoshidaya Kogo from late Edo
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Very Rare Yoshidaya Kogo from late Edo

The size of Yoshidaya Kogo: 2 1/2" Dia (70 mm) x 1 3/16"(30 mm). This is rare Japanese Yoshidaya Kogo (incense box). Kogo is made by earthen body with Yoshidaya colors, green, yellow, and dark brown. The body of Kogo has feature of Yoshidaya kogo. The design is Botan, Peony design. It is small but Kogo has very distinguished color and style of Yoshidaya work. The condition of Kogo excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline other than little Hittsuki (glaze stick) and scratches as the aged item. Kogo came with Kiriwood box also silk Shifuku (silk made bag). The cover has Japanese writing, Yoshidaya Botan-e, Kogo (Yoshidaya Peony design, Kogo). Dated around 1825-1830. Kogo is very small but own distinguished looking work. It has Fuku mark on the back of Kogo cover. Please note, Kiri Box is not original Tomobako, it is rather awase bako.

Yoshidaya was the kiln in Late Edo who tried to reestablish Ko-Kutani in Kutani area. Their items are very valuable amd famous. And well received the reputation. Many time, Yoshidaya works alone have their own exhibition in Japan.

Yoshidaya-gama(kiln), built by the merchant, Yoshidaya Denemon in 1824, initially in Kutani, then in Yamashiro. This was intended to replicate Ko-Kutani works (1655-1657) in four basic colors of green, yellow, blue and aubergine, but without red: or in ao-de ware, replicated in yellow and green, in spite of the brief production period of only seven years. The Yoshidaya-gama inspired opening of many other kiln, in Kutani and Terai particular.
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