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Leonor Fini, catalog book for Livre d'images of Leonor
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Leonor Fini, catalog book for Livre d'images of Leonor

Fini, catalog book for Livre d'images of Leonor
The size of Book: 10 3/4" x 14 1/2.
The condition of Book: Excellent. There are few minor Ink spots on upper side of Fini's name.
The lower backside book has little dent on the edge as third photo of book cover show.
This is pre-published information book for 12 pieces Original Lithographs done by Leonor Fini. The photos of art works in this book done in Offset Lithograph. This book does not contain any of Original Lithograph by Leonar Fini. It is well informed pre-publish book. The condition of book excellent. There is total of 13 pages photos including 12 photos of art work as well as one Portrait photo of Leonor Fini.

The book has the following information in French on last page. AC. MAZO ET CLE, EDITEUR, at the center fold line as following: Conception et maquette: Daniel Maurel -Photos: Patrice Guillomat – Photos Leonor Fini: Joel Brunerie. Imprime par La Lithographie Parisienne- Printed in France.

There is also contain the old newspaper article copy of Leonar Fini’s Exhibition in 1972 at Biruit. It is in French.
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