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Beautiful Rare Japanese Ko Imari Charger w/Genroku Figure 18c
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Sale $395.00 w/US priority mail/ins.
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Beautiful Rare Japanese Ko Imari Charger w/Genroku Figure 18c

Rare form of Japanese KO IMARI Porcelain Charger Size : 12" Dia x 2 1/8" OSHIDORI(Mandarin Ducks) and GENROKU Figures design with fine gold Decoration Old Imari pieces. The quality of this charger is superb as I ever seen the combination of fine brush handpainting, the motif design with the gold as well as the shape and quality of porcelain itself. The condition of charger is very good considering the age of charger. There is no chips and cracks anywhere except noting that there are two area of red enamel are flaked off because of old age which you will see many time when the color of heavy enamel work was painted on the surface of single area. The few spots in the size of 1/2" long(longest size) x 1/4"(widest size) , and smallest one of them is 1/8"dia. and restored with red acrylic. The gold finish on the charger is well preserved in great condition as well as other parts of painting. The gold finish on top rim is some worn. The charger little off on top. Really the collectors item. It is dated from 1700-1750's. Genroku to Horeki period. I had this item since 1990. I just rephotographed and updated. You can see the details works now. Great Charger. The black wooden plate stand came with charger. Please note blackish bands are underglazed blue and not black.
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