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Exquisite Chinese Jade tree with Jadeite Jade Leaves with Box
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Sale $495.00 w/US priority/ins.
Item was $950.00
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Exquisite Chinese Jade tree with Jadeite Jade Leaves with Box

The size of Jade Tree : 5 1/2" Long with 2" Dia Jade pot. 4 1/2" with Jade tree, pot and wooden stand. Size of Glass case with Jade Tree inside, 6 1/8" Long x 2 3/4" Wide x 5 7/8" High. Storing Box size: 7 3/5" Long x 7 7/8" x 4 1/8" High. This is exquisite Chinese Jade Tree with Jadeite Leaves came in very fancy Chinese Brocade store box. The Jade tree are made with 16 leaves (without counting 2 leaves missing at the right side end tree). Each leaf size, 3/8" Long to 5/8" Long Jadeite Jade. Each leaf has carved leaf veins. Leaves are attached on the tree and branch made of gold finish metal. Please note, we did not test or identify gold tree and branch are made of what kind metal with gold. Tree, branch as well as trunk are finely made with the detail works as photos showing. We do know leaves are made of real Jadeite. Jade tree is mounted in Jade Pot covered with agate pebbles. Jade tree, Jade pot and wooden stand are stabilized on velvet covered stand. Storing case has silk covered brocade as well as silk cushion protection. The condition of Jade tree is excellent. Please note, there a couple of leaves missing, as one of my photo has red circled marking. Also the Jade pot has backside a hairline, also one slight hairline on front side photo #8 as well as one on backside Jade tree photo #9 showing. I looked around internet if there is same type Jade tree, but I did not see anywhere like this kind lovely Jade tree. Dating from 1970-1980's. Whole box and jade tree weigh 2 pounds. Box has sliding door over cushion pad when it close.
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