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Exhibition Photos for Seifu Yohei III, IV Works
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Exhibition Photos for Seifu Yohei III, IV Works

Exhibition Photos for Seifu Yohei III, IV works at The Cleveland Museum of Art, July 2017 thru January 2018.

Seifu Yohei III (1850, Kiei 3rd, thru 1914, Taisho 3rd).
He was born in name of Okada family, when he was young man he wanted to become as the painter so he became the student of Tanomura Chokunyu in Osaka and studied Japanese painting and Nanga painting but he gave up as the painter because of his illness. Later he became the student of Seifu Yohei II and change to pottery work field. At the beginning he used the name as "Seizan"(writing in Japanese as Kiyoi-Yama.) later he married to younger sister of Seifu Yohei II and he changed his name to Seifu as Muko-yoshi(name changed to wife family name). In 1878 after Seifu II passed away, he succeeded as Seifu Yohei III. After he became Seifu III, he has showing his Kyo Yaki extraordinary potting techniques which learned from Seifu 2 nd. Also he has researched the ancient Chinese glazing works diligently and he created many of his own glaze color including special Seiji (celadon) glazing, also created his own techniques of carved and glazing works. He established and developed modern Pottery Art works with the elegance as well as refined form and color expression. He became very first “Teishitsu Gigei In” (member of Imperial Household Artist) 1893, Meiji 26th. In 1895 he received Ryokuju Hoshou( medal of honor) from Meiji imperial government. His many works are still at Imperial palace museum in Tokyo. His works are sought after around the world. The works of Seifu Yohei III as well as Seifu Yohei IV are currently showing and exhibiting at Cleveland Museum of Art during this July 2017 thru January 2018. These works are loan to Museum by Mr. James and Mrs. Christine Heusinger collection, including Foo Dog Okimono by 1st Miyagawa Kozan.

Seifu Yohei 4th (1871-1951)
Seifu Yohei is the family of master artist from Edo period. You can not avoid telling Seifu Yohei 3rd before 4th. Seifu Yohei 3rd was appointed as prestigeous Teishitsu Gigeiin(imperial house hold artist member) in Meiji, 26th, 1893 because of his superb techinique and innovation on Seiji(celadon), and white porcelain in Japanese modern Porcelain history. His Celadon works was called Hishoku-Gama(secret kiln). Seiji work is well known by Suwa Sozan, but Seifu Yohei has created special Seiji color works. Seifu Yohei 4th was second son of Seifu Yohei 3rd. He succeeded name of Seifu Yohei 4th in Taisho 3rd, 1914 after Seifu Yohei 3rd passed away in 1914. Seifu Yohei 4th has inherited the fine techniques and glazing works from 3rd and left many fine works including his own creation works such as Yellow vase with red flower design showing in this exhibition.

Further additional photos of Seifu Yohei III and IV works, please see at trocadero item page #136220. Also entire detail photos of each item at the data base of The Cleveland Museum Art.

This exhibiton of Seifu Yohei III and IV works are showing first time this many fine works in USA. We are grateful having the chance to view such a extraordinary works by Seifu Yohei III and IV. Our appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Heusinger for sharing rich culture of Modern Japanese Kyo Yaki (Kyoto ware) Culture, and same thank you to The Cleveland Museum of Art, Curator of Japanese Art Department, Dr. Sinead Vilbar made this exhibition possible. (Please note: all exhibiting items are not for sale.)

Please contact directly to The Cleveland Museum of Art about this exhibition,
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The Cleveland Museum of Art, 11150 East Boulevard, University Circle, Cleveland, OH 44106
General Information:216-421-7350, 1-877-262-4748

Please note there is no catalog available since this special exhibition is part of Museum's rotation program.
However, if you are interested in individual item information, you can download from Museum's data base.
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