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Beautiful Japanese Koro by Kawai Einosuke with Shinsha-Yu
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Beautiful Japanese Koro by Kawai Einosuke with Shinsha-Yu

The size of Koro: 4 3/4” Dia x 4 5/16” High (with Hoya, koro cover). This is beautiful Japanese Shinsha-yu Koro. Shinsha-Yu is very special Red copper underglaze also called Yuriko which is beautiful and very desirable among the ceramic collectors. This Koro is made of Porcelain. Koro had the fish design handle on both side. Very handsomely made. It came with Tomobako. The cover of Tomobako said in Japanese “Hanko Gyo Ji” (Pair Fish Ears Koro). On left side, "Einosukie Saku"(Einosuke made) with his chop seal. There is the signature of “Ei” of Einosuke at the bottom of Koro. Dating from 1950-1960’s. The condition of Koro excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline.

Kawai Einosuke (1893-1962)
He was born in Meiji 26, April 24th. He and Kusube Yaichi established Sekido-Sha (Red clay organization) which influences great deal of Taisho Japanese Ceramic Movement. When the time into Showa period, he entered his works in Titen as well Bunten. In Show 17, 1920 he has received Special award for his work called, “Jiki Kaki Kabin” (Porcelain Persimmon Flower Vase). After the war, he served as the judge of Nitten (most prestigious exhibition in Japan). He passed away in Showa 37th, 1962at the age of 69th.
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